Friday, October 11, 2013


I am starting back at square one with the blog... this time I am committing myself to writing at least once a week, instead of every day. After realizing that I could not give that level of dedication, and trying to ignore the blog for awhile, it seemed like something was better than nothing! 

There have been a few more changes in the wind lately. As of today, my oldest sister, N. has been married a full week! Not only did she get married, but is now living much farther away than the bedroom next to mine. She is now closer to old friends and family, and very, very happy - so while we will miss her, we are also happy for her. The wedding was beautiful, and combined vintage nostalgia and woodland elements. 

N.'s dress was our maternal grandmother's wedding dress, with an overlay cut from our paternal grandmother's bridal veil. Since B. used Darcy's quote from Pride and Prejudice when he proposed, there were paper roses and leaves in all the bouquets and boutonnieres taken from a copy of the book.


The second part of changes, which I alluded to in my last post, is really the main, #1 reason why I got distracted from the blog... I'm in a relationship! In August I was still keeping the news relatively low-key in the case that it wasn't going to continue, but now that he has met all of my extended family and friends, and I have met his church family, I suppose it is officially well known enough to announce on the blog. :) You can blame him (or thank him!) for the fact that I now share all the boring the details of my daily life with just one person now, and not all of you, haha. But I still do want to write, and to keep you in the loop, hence my rededication to write at least once a week. 

After the wedding, we were able to spend a few days over the weekend with him and his family. We visited the Ft. Worth botanical gardens and conservatory, which it was unusually chilly outside, but beautiful. 

After church on Sunday, we relaxed at the house and played Boggle and Scrabble:

 A shout-out to B. for 'pinecone'! :)

It all came to an end too quickly, and yet we were also ready to give up our nomadic ways and settle back in at home. I now have a bedroom and "sitting room" with the recent vacancy... I am thinking up all sorts of ways to arrange and decorate in there. More on that soon!


  1. Yay! Glad you are writing again, glad you seem happy. Hope you keep it up.

    1. Do you want me to keep up with the blog, or keep it up being happy? ;) I plan on doing both! Lol. It was so great seeing you! Love ya <3

  2. Glad to see your blog! Loved seeing you!!! sooooo, will there be pics of your sitting room????

    1. It was wonderful getting to see you too! I do plan on posting pics of my sitting room, once I get it fully painted and decorated. :)