Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hi, Nice To Meet You!

I love to plan. I don't just make plans - I plan on my plan not working, so then I make a backup plan. I have been planning this blog for quite some time now. Deciding on a name, choosing a layout, getting excited, changing my mind about the name, choosing a different layout, getting more excited. Finally, I took a deep breath, clicked the mouse, and stared at my creation. My very own blog. 

I want this blog to be about so many things... Cooking, reading, personality types, my life in general. The things I really love and want to share with other people. Not because I think my life is so great that it needs to be published online, but rather the hope that there are people out there who can find some understanding, some relief, and a smile from reading about another person not all that different from themselves. Even if you and I are nothing alike, I can guarantee you will meet people like me, and maybe this blog can help you understand them better. 

Most of you who will be with me from the beginning already know a little about who I am, where I'm from, and my background. But for a refresher, and for those of you who are meeting me the first time, here's me in a nutshell: I consider myself a native of Texas, having spent my childhood/early teen years there. I now live up North with my family, but Texas is always home. I was homeschooled, and so thankful for having a mother who let me find my own educational niche and run with it. I am one of those people who can't come out of a bookstore empty-handed. I am completely taken in by electronic/technical gadgets - give me ten minutes and I will tell you how to use the functions on your camera or turn your MP3 player into a sound recorder. I prefer talking one-on-one with people, and I dislike large social groups. Notice I said "groups" not crowds. I love getting lost in a crowd and observing the sea of people around me. *Little Known Fact* I am partially ambidextrous and can also write backwards, right to left. 

That's enough to get started on - I'm sure you'll learn more as I start to post. Please, leave feedback and feel free to ask questions! I think I may start a daily topic post, but I will also be throwing in everyday personal posts. Thanks for joining me!


  1. Toni! I like it :D Please, please allow followers so I can get an update when you post. That would be awesome.

    1. Thanks! I changed the page now to allow followers - just scroll down to the bottom and you'll be able to follow me. :)

  2. I'm excited about this! :)