Friday, November 2, 2012

How To Comment On Posts

This morning, I received some emails from people asking how to comment and wondering if you need a Google account, etc. So, here is a quick 'tutorial' on posting comments.

First off, after entering a comment, select how you would like to comment. Many of you will be simply selecting Anonymous, *however* I had someone tell me they didn't have a Google account, when I knew for a fact they did! Do you have Gmail? Or a Youtube channel? That automatically means you have a Google account. You can just sign in using that username/password. But if you do select Anonymous, anyone can comment (I would appreciate a name or nickname at the bottom if I know you, but if not that's ok).

Ok, so now you are going to hit 'Publish'! Then it will come up with a screen like this...
You will be asked to type in a set of symbols/letters. This is to help keep me from getting spam. Some of the combinations can be super hard to figure out, so if you want a new set, click the 'refresh' button to the right (looks like an arrow going in a circle) and it will give you another. In the picture above, you would type in 20 babiali and then hit the publish button.

I hope this helps clear up some of the issues!


  1. This is a test of the emergency blogging system. This is only a test.

    This is also the only way I could figure out!


    1. Yay! It worked! Guess an old dog can learn new tricks after all! :) Thanks for expanding your technological horizon for me!