Thursday, June 6, 2013

What Have You Read That's Inspiring? Think About It Thursday

Sorry this is late, folks! Seem to be getting my days mixed up lately!

There are so many online articles, blog posts, and pins that we read every day... some funny, some sad, and some that are just an 'aha!' moment of inspiration. They make you want to clap for the person who wrote it, except they need to make a digital clap so the author can hear you. Well, maybe just leave a comment and tell them that you were inspired. :)

The article that comes to mind as a recent read was from Smartter Each Day, and it was about raising her kids on NASCAR. Before you make any assumptions, just read the article - it's great! It made me proud to be American, a Southerner, and it made me want to go to a live NASCAR race at least once in my life. 

"I love how NASCAR makes time for my three favorite things – Jesus, America, and country music. And I'm not trying to be flippant about the first one. NASCAR is one of the few remaining entertainment forums where you can still mention “Jesus” if you want to, and say your prayers without whispering, and not cower in the corner shielding your faith with a blanket. There’s something to be said for that." - Jessica Smartt

So what have you read online recently that you find inspiring? A picture? A post? Please share the link in the comments!

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