Monday, April 22, 2013

Busy Bee Bakery

I have had the craziest day today! Got up this morning and went grocery shopping, then came home heated up lunch, then dyed my hair with henna. While that was setting, I made molasses cookies, a chocolate cake, and a lemon pound cake... no, I'm not on a dessert binge, they are all for other people! The lemon cake is for our singing night at church, the chocolate cake is for our dinner guests tomorrow, and the cookies were requested (in a very persistent manner, lol) by the woman Nikki crochets with on a regular basis. When I told my friend about my little cooking tangent, her words were, "You go, Betty Crocker!" I wonder if Betty Crocker's back and feet hurt so bad when she was done cooking? Nah, probably not. Mostly because she wasn't actually real, but we won't get into that.

My hair is now in the awkward "oxidizing" stage, where it isn't quite absorbed, and it still smells a little funny. I catch myself sniffing and wondering where the farm is - then I realize it's me! It's really not that bad, and I love how healthy it makes my hair, and the red highlights are a bonus!

All my baking is in their respective containers, waiting to be given away, and I'm busy planning for our dinner tomorrow. I finally have my feet up and I'm finding it hard to focus on the computer screen. I think I am totally exhausted!

I will hopefully have a more titillating post for you tomorrow, but for now, goodnight!

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