Wednesday, April 10, 2013

For All These Little Things

How thankful are you for the "little things" in life? Don't you think God gives us these little things as a means of encouragement? Or as an opportunity to return the glory and praise to Him? It is my belief God will sometimes give us the unspoken wishes of our hearts just to show that He loves us personally. There are so many instances when I will think "I wish such and such would happen…" and it will come about in an astonishing way. Should I just say 'what a coincidence' and go on, or should I take it as a gift that God is listening to my thoughts and He cares? Even the things we don't fully realize in our thoughts, such as an unexpected opportunity, should be taken with thanks. A beautiful sunset, seeing an old friend unexpectedly, a kind deed or word of encouragement... every one of these reflects the tender care of our Father. If we take the time to be thankful for the "little things," our whole day becomes a harmony of praise.

I once received an anonymous card from a Christian sister that said I was in her thoughts and prayers. I have still never discovered who sent it, but I thank the Lord for her! Those encouraging words have stayed with me through many a hard time, and every time I see that card in my keepsake box, I smile and feel loved. Not only was I blessed by her, but God used it as a way to bless me through her, because it let me know that He knew I needed some encouragement!

How are some ways we can use small acts to bless people around us? Today, try to look around and see all the small ways in which we are blessed - and thank the Lord for showing His love in the little things.

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