Friday, April 5, 2013

Creative Consultant

(created by Nikki Derouin)

Folks! Look at these super awesome business cards my sister designed! They even have a QR code, which if you have a smartphone (I don't) means you can access my blog even faster. That makes the impatient side of me happy. The writer side of me loves the clock and the ink stain... we had to dial down the red tones on the ink color, because it looked a little too murder mystery. Which was cool, granted, but I'm not Arthur Conan Doyle. Ha.

I also took some business card that I had printed through and made labels for them to include my blog URL. (By the way, if you order something through the link above, you will receive 10% off your order & I get referral "moolah", so check it out! They have customizable postcards and stickers, too.)

These ones also have my email and phone number on them, so I don't just hand them out to anyone. Which  is why I had Nikki design the others just for the blog. It's kind of funny, because that means the people who don't get my personal information actually get a cooler business card... I guess to make up for the lack of info and be fair and all that. You can't have everything. Or something like that.

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