Monday, April 1, 2013

Paruresisachluophobia... yeah, I have it

I need this. I saw it and was filled with reassurance, because this proves that someone out there understands. I have a deep seated (pun intended) fear of sitting on the toilet in the dark. 
I won't do it & you can't make me! 
Because I totally believe in the whole monsters-coming-up-from-the-drain thing, and I know that on the day I decide to sit on the toilet in the dark, that myth will come true. I don't know where these light up bowls come from, or if they are even a reality, but I want one!

So I googled to see if anyone else shares this phobia with me, and to find out what amazing name it had so I could label myself... it doesn't have one. It simply falls under the heading of "toilet phobia". Really? You'd think somebody would have come up with something a bit more imaginative. So I've come up with Paruresisachluophobia. Does anybody else out there have this too?

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