Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Worth The Wait

heard another 
love story song 
on the radio 
people are saying 
forbidden fruit 
tastes the sweetest 
but something 
deep inside 
says it's not so 
those stolen 
secret sweets 
turn bitter as 
you watch them 
walk out the door… 
don't make 
that mistake 
don't take what 
you shouldn't take 
or give it away - 
then it's too late 
trust the unknown 
have some faith 
take a stand 
find your place 
just believe it's 
worth the wait. 

~ Toni Derouin

In a world full of media and books that encourage taking what we want from love without commitment, people need to start speaking up and telling the truth. Making relationships that are unhealthy, even dangerous, seem glamorous and romance filled are causing incredible hurt to marriages, women, and people's ideas about what love is.  

You know what is truly romantic? Seeing an elderly couple that have been together many, many years. They have seen the best and worst in each other... yet he still holds her hand, and she smiles like she is falling in love all over again. This is beautiful.

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