Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Cookies

We don't really have a lot of family traditions, but the ones we do have involve food. We MUST have some of Mom's Chex mix in our stockings, and we MUST make Christmas cookies. 

This is one of my Dad's favorite traditions. He loves to gently ice each cookie with detail and savor each sugary bite. The 'patient artistic gene' was a quality I did not inherit, but I still enjoy the time we spend together. This year we were lazy and used a store mix instead of homemade cutout cookies... it wasn't the same. The dough was pretty soft and our cookie shapes were a little, well, undefined.

 We also aren't super pros in the decorating department, but hey, they taste good. :)

Besides, I don't think Santa is too picky. Maybe he takes them back to the North Pole and the elves have a giant cookie swap where they try cookies from all around the world... ha, that idea just totally fell into my head and now I am convinced that must be what he does. I would totally love to be there.

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