Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Gift of Family

(Sorry it's so fuzzy!)

A. and J. came today, so Christmas is finally complete. We all drew names and had $20 to spend in the manner of our choosing. I had J. and bought her a stoneware cookie sheet and cookie spatula (this was out of purely selfish motives, because when I go to her house I like to cook, lol). I was very excited to receive the Lord of the Rings DVD set - I have, alas, never seen them! I see a marathon in my very near future... 

We had chicken and dressing, which is one of my grandma's traditional recipes. It is technically supposed to have brown gravy poured over it, but we only had white biscuit gravy, and nobody complained. I am a true Southern girl - I could eat gravy on everything! Except maybe pizza. But I would be willing to try it. Once.

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