Saturday, December 8, 2012

Santa Days

Santa visited our village today. What I want to know, is who is in charge while he's gone all the time making visits to malls and department stores? Is there a Head Elf? Hmm... 

We went on a carriage ride with some very excited small children. One little girl pinched her nose the whole time so she didn't have to breathe in the fresh scent of sweaty horse. I never really have quite understood the "magic" of carriage rides or sleigh rides. What is so romantic about bumping along on a wooden seat, staring at the wrong end of a horse? Now, if I were riding bareback on a horse galloping across the snow, that would be a totally different story. But I digress - as is customary every year, we went on a carriage ride, and we saw Santa at the coffee shop. 

On their holiday menu was an assortment of delightful hot flavored beverages, such as A White Christmas (white chocolate and french vanilla latte) or Cherry Cordial cappuccino (cherry, chocolate, and vanilla). I have to make everything complicated, because I don't really like hot beverages, and because that's simply who I am, so, I got a Peppermint Mocha frappe, and it was really lovely. Of course, now I don't have money to buy stocking stuffers... but, it was delicious. If you ever wanted to know my weakness (well, one of them), it is cold blended beverages with a straw & preferably whipped cream, though I think it's not right to charge extra for the cream, it's like hidden cell phone fees.

I had a traumatizing experience before dinner - I was roaming Pinterest (yet another weakness, you can see my boards at, when I noticed the contact in my right eye was feeling itchy. When I rubbed my eye, the contact fell out into my hand... except there was only half of it. After searching my computer desk and thoroughly peeling my eyelid every which way, I concluded it must have fallen out and I'd missed it. Thirty minutes later, the outer edge of my eye felt gummy, and when I rubbed it, the other half of the contact slid out. That was sort of scary. What if that piece had gotten lodged somewhere, or worked its way into my brain? I already have enough loose bolts up there, I don't need a piece of plastic floating around too!

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