Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ghost of Christmas Party Past

Ok, so I took a little break this weekend. By the time I thought to write on Friday, it was actually past midnight and technically Saturday, then yesterday I was exhausted after the B's Christmas party. So, today is going to be a doubleheader:

I want you to close your metaphorical eyes and pretend it is yesterday. The B's gave everyone a party invitation two weeks ago, and we have all been looking forward to it, because the B's know how to do fun right. We were told to dress festive, bring a white elephant gift, and have a "petite" appetite. 

Just how petite, we weren't sure!

We had nothing to worry about though, because even if it was small in size, it was abundant in quantity!

L to R: Mini tacos, meatball, mini corn dog, baby potatoes, mini cookies, & pizza bagel bites

Before dinner, we had a costume contest, and N. won as Most Festive Girl in her winter blues outfit and snowflake headband. During dinner, we drank eggnog and apple juice out of cups that held no more than a sip, and everyone was passing their cups up and down for refills every three seconds. After dinner, we split off into teams and did a scavenger hunt around the house. Running up and down the stairs and rushing to find all the items got every body worked up - we all collapsed around the living room, full of mini foods and sweating like we'd run a mile. Mom and Dad won the scavenger hunt, and were rewarded with a bag of mini Rolos, which they shared with all of us.

For the gift exchange, we had all sorts of things, ranging from board games, to kitchen appliances, to my brother-in-law's shoe box of fresh caught perch (which the recipient returned, lol). I wound up with two black shirts, one short sleeved & one long, six scented tea lights, and an antique green saucer. Of which, I am wearing the long sleeved shirt and have a tea light lit next to my laptop, so thank you, M.!

Finis (You may now return to present day)

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