Saturday, March 30, 2013

Week (or two) In Review +365 Project (69-85)

I forgot to post my photos last week... oops!

These are the bacon cheeseburgers we had after the 5K... YUM!

I picked this bracelet up at the Shamwalk.

A letter! Yippee! 

A pheasant strutting his stuff...

Roasting marshmallows in the stove.

Cold night... brrr!

Loved this little barn house J. and I saw on our walk to the store.

Snowy path!

Another adorable house! Love the wreath ----->

They had framed art all over Mara Mi's

I lost horribly at Yahtzee... 3 times!

Our fresh sopapilla cheesecake bars. Mmm.

Lovely colorful strawberries

Day two of this horrid cold. :(

My dinner, a cross between British tea time and hospital food, haha.

The sun is staying up longer now. Yay!

And last, me feeling better, but still tired and thoughtful:

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  1. While we were talking today, I forgot to mention that you're getting really good with the compositions of these photos! Very fun. :)