Thursday, May 23, 2013

Do You Ask Enough Questions? Think About It Thursday

How often do you question things? Are you one of the laid back if-I-needed-to-know-I'd-know or are you one of the must know all the details questioners? 

I have a strange balance somewhere in between. It completely depends on the subject, how it relates to me, and what knowledge I can gain from it. All the details about your wardrobe and more? Nope, don't need to know. How oil derricks use diamond drill bits to pull up oil from the earth? I had charts, glossaries, watched videos, and knew what a "kelly" was. Hey, it was important at the time!

I don't like to start a project or go into a situation without knowing most of the details. I like to have all my facts straight before being thrown into the arena. Usually, so that when other people have a question, I am able to remember the answer. 

So what about you? Do you ask enough questions, or do you settle for what you know? Let me know!

1 comment:

  1. I'm like you, I don't care about frivolous knowledge, but only that I see as applicable. I am intrigued by everything from font creation to home construction to why chlorine is poisonous. Actors (unless they are in Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR, or Harry Potter; those movies have every actor worth knowing. :)), football and golf do not interest me. No matter how many questions I ask bout them, I cannot become interested. But I think we all need to ask a few more questions. :)