Thursday, May 30, 2013

Do You Own Your Things or Do Your Things Own You? Think About It Thursday

In light of the recent tornadoes affecting many of the southern states, it makes you stop and think about the importance of "things." Many of those people weren't at home when it hit, or they had a matter of minutes to decide what to grab and run with. How important is the stuff? 

Most people grab a few irreplaceable items and get to safety, but there are a few who say, "If my house goes down, I go down with it." Should we really be THAT attached to something? Is there ever a point in life where our house and our possessions become more important to us than our own safety, even our own life?

As I look around I see items I would be sad to lose. I have a large collection of books, most of them significant for one reason or another. My electronics are all important; I spent a long time saving up for them. I have clothes, makeup, and a hope chest full of thing to be used 'someday.' But it's all just stuff. I have about five things I would truly be heartbroken to lose - but that will be a post for another day. 

The most irreplaceable things in life are not items. They are friendships. They are family. People are the only things that cannot be replaced or left behind without regret. My heart goes out to those in Oklahoma who have lost family and friends in the storm. May they find peace and hope in the days to come. 

Do you own your things, or do your things own you? Something to think about...


  1. We've been considering a storm shelter. Because the thought of a tornado ripping my children out of my arms is worse than the thought of going down with the ship.

  2. Living in Oklahoma and coming home from Texarkana right as the tornado hit Newcastle and Moore, I know what you mean! We have a neighbor who we worship with and they've given us permission to share theirs. But they live a block away, so if we go, we can’t take very much with us. I’ve decided that if anything is worth taking, it’s my Bible; but even Bibles are replaceable. What's important is getting to safety with my family.

    1. *share their tornado shelter.* Sorry, that made no sense! :)

  3. I've been surprised that when things have happened and I have to get out quick {ie. that horrible kitchen fire thing we don't talk about} I hardly even think, "What should I get?" I just get out. I've always wondered about it and it's interesting to think about - what 5 things would you bring? It really does help clarify things. ~Nikki

  4. I'm like Nikki--when there is a hurry, I just go. But since these tornadoes I've been thinking about it. I'd want to take my pictures--I have the photos that my parents had and the ones of my kids. So many of them are irreplaceable. But there are so MANY. In the end, getting out with all our lives would be enough. And more than enough. But it has made me think!