Thursday, May 16, 2013

How Would You Describe Your Relationship With Your Mother? Think About It Thursday

Last Sunday was Mother's Day, a day when people stop and thank those who guided and cared for us as we were children, and who still care for and guide us as adults. Notice I did not say 'thank those who gave birth to us', although we all can be grateful to the one who gave us life. Not all mothers are good ones, and not all mothers guide and care for their children. But each one of us has someone in our life who has been a mother. They held a tissue to our snotty noses, they patched our hurts, physical and emotional, and they taught us what it means to nurture and protect. This woman went out of her way to show us that we were special to her, and that she would sacrifice her own wants and needs to serve ours. 

This Mother's Day I had the blessing of spending time with not only my mother, but with her mother as well. We haven't celebrated with my grandmother since 2004, when my great-grandmother was still alive. It is sad that G. Nez is no longer with us, but we were able to remember the lovely corsage we got her, the family meal in the dining room, and the four generation picture all the ladies took together. She was an amazing and spunky lady who lived through the Great Depression, and my grandmother is her youngest daughter. Grandma L. is generous to a fault, easy-going, and loves her iris blooming in the garden. My mother is her oldest child, with the same sacrificial giving spirit, and an incredible ability to sympathize with any and every hurt person she comes in contact with. My mother is strong, hilariously funny, and slightly crazy sometimes (which comes from being a mother, I hear). The older I get, the more I realize I am very much like her - we think so alike these days it gets a little scary!

So how would I describe my relationship with my mother in one sentence? 

A sometimes insane, (usually funny) connection between us that culminates in respect, support, inside jokes, and ultimately unparallelled love.

Mom, when I see you, your acts of service, your calm under pressure, your ability to care so deeply, and your concern for the welfare of your children, I can only hope to look in the mirror someday and see the same qualities in myself as a mother someday. 

Ok, so that was sort of two sentences, but I separated them so you only read one at a time... I will let you fudge on the one sentence rule, too! I'm all about being fair! Leave me a comment about you and your mother, whether she is the one who brought you into the world and loves you with all of her heart, or the special woman who took you into her heart as her own after you were born. 


  1. My mother loves me even whenbi say and do things that may hurt her feelings. She always found a way to teach me something with out it being a big deal. And she looks past a lot of what actions are to find the motives behind them so she helped me see that people will make mistakes, but they are not their mistakes. And forgiveness is free for the asking.

  2. Considering we have the same mother, all I can say is that I'm beyond blessed to have her in my lifem as well.
    She drives me crazy, is always rigth, and respects my judgements.
    I need her more than she knows and am constantly trying to make her proud of me - I don't ever want her to think her efforts have been in vain.

    1. I forgot to mention she is always right... maybe because I still don't like to admit it, lol.

      Her efforts haven't been in vain, as long as we are faithful and give the glory to God!