Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How To Be Attractive

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I am at a lectureship this week, and a lot of good points have been made by the speakers about how important relationships and character are. I found this list on Pinterest and decided to share some of the thoughts I've had this week from meeting new people, seeing old friends, and trying to portray a more attractive personality. Hope you find it as inspiring as I did!

#1. Smile

Everything can change with a smile. Have you ever been at the grocery store and made goofy faces at a little kid, just to make them smile? It's because we crave seeing joy in those around us - we've accepted that adults go about their day with a frown, but we want to see a smile. As a girl who has a naturally serious "resting face" I have to remember to snap out of it at smile more!

#2. Smell nice or don't smell at all

Yes! Yes! I can't emphasize this enough. Nothing makes a faster first impression than how a person smells. Body odor is one of the quickest put offs - if you move, you sweat, so make sure to shower regularly, and wear some kind of anti-perspirant. Body spray is not a substitute for bathing! A lot of people are sensitive to scents, so keep that in mind when you go to a place where there are a lot of people congregated together & can't move (such as an airplane). If you are one of the sensitive people, look into natural alternatives, such as making your own, or finding one at your local health food store.

#3.Dress for style and respect, not attention

Aren't you tired of seeing poorly dressed people? On the one side you have the just-rolled-out-of-bed camp with holey shirts, baggy pants, and uncombed hair strolling around the retail stores. Then you have the 'flaunt it if you've got it (or not)' wearing very little clothing, too much makeup, and an over abundance of cheap, gaudy accessories. What has happened? There is such a lack of self respect in society that we have lost touch and good taste in choosing our fashion styles. Cover yourself up, look natural, and make your personality sparkle more than your jewelry. If you can't look in the mirror and think, "I still have a sense of dignity," don't wear it!

#4. Know what's going on in the world and have an opinion about it

What is happening in the news? Do you know who your state senator is? Have you kept up with the local events? People don't like to watch the news on TV because it's depressing... then don't watch it. There are three other ways to find out what is current: radio, newspaper, or the internet. Don't just stay in the dark about what is happening in the world. Stay informed, and don't stop there. Think about how it affects the present and the future, and form an opinion about it. It will not only be a way to define your ideas and convictions, but it also give you intelligent conversation matter. 

#5. Speak kindly of yourself and those around you

How much would be solved if we only followed this one simple rule! Relationships would be solid, marriages would be stronger, and the workplace would be so much more pleasant. But instead, we criticize our friends, poke fun of our spouse in front of others, and whine about our colleagues in the lounge. But what else do we do? We talk down ourselves! We would rather complain about our faults than actually fix them. Our own insecurities cause us to disrespect others. Let's end this! There is still truth in the saying, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

#6. Have three hobbies that do not involve a screen

This one makes you think, doesn't it? The majority of our lives is spent in front of a TV, computer screen, tablet, or phone. But when all that gets taken away, who are we? What do we enjoy when we're "unplugged"? Hobbies are what connects us to other people in an actual way. We can communicate with people using electronics, but that is no substitute for tangible, physical time spent with eachother. Doing activities together teaches us about the other person, how they react to situations, what makes them laugh. What hobbies do you enjoy that you can share with others?

#7. Get an education or save up for one

Being well educated sets you on the right path to anything. It makes you more interesting to other people, and it makes you more interesting to yourself. Yeah, yourself! If we quit encouraging our brains to grow and stretch, we stagnate. Our own thoughts become boring without new material. This doesn't have to be some expensive quest to acquire degrees... you can learn new things for free! 

#8. Make time for children, the elderly, and those who need a friend

Basically, take an unselfish interest in people who might really need you. I have to work on this dealing with kids - I admit, I am slightly terrified by them, and slightly annoyed. I don't like being disturbed, and well, that's really their forte. But they have such great little personalities sometimes, and they remind us of some of life's greatest truths. Same thing goes for old people. They are usually hilarious! And they have a lifetime of experience to share. Lastly, don't forget the lonely or the outcasts... more often than not, these people just have difficulty talking in large groups, and would really love a one-on-one conversation with you! 

#9. Always say thank you and return favors

I can't emphasize this one enough!! Our society has forgotten how to be thankful. We grunt whenever someone hands us something, or we demand help without saying, "Please." Doing a favor for a person, means a measure of time and consideration on their part. Make sure to verbally say thank you, and send a thank you note to make them feel especially appreciated. Also, don't always be the receiver - think about ways you can show people how grateful you are for them, and simply just "because". It's actually a lot of fun to give!

I hope we can all take these pointers to heart and become more "attractive" in the days ahead. What are some things you can think of to add to this list or to expand on the points above? Leave a comment!

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