Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cleaning My Clock

I did it! I tried coconut oil pulling! It really wasn't that bad; since it's my first time, I just swished it for five minutes. I will eventually work myself up to the full twenty minutes, but I wanted to just see what it was like this time. The flavor wasn't bad, and after reading all the benefits that are supposed to result (cavities healing, toxin cleansing, drainage reducing, etc.), I felt like I was dumb to not try it!

I also took some apple cider vinegar, because that has a whole slough of benefits as well, one of which is helping rid your body of cellulite - awesome!

Then, I filled up my arsenal of water bottles... It's convincing myself to drink them that is the challenge! But I am trying to be better. I've also been sipping down herbal teas, like green tea and yogi detox tea. 

In other news, I touched the top burner element on the toaster oven and cooked my hand. Seriously, it  turned my skin brown, and you could smell it burn... way gross. Today it's just red, and sore. I keep showing it to N, so now I will share it with you:

Yesterday, I got a lovely surprise in the mail, by way of a package from my friend Judy! I don't get snail mail often, even though I love it, and I was so happy! 

She sent me a copy of the magazine, Artful Blogging, which had beautiful photos inside:

It inspired me to do a little more in keeping track of how my posts are organized and tagged, so I've been at work updating all my earlier posts with labels to help with searches. Anyone else have a tip on how to get my blog out there and set up in a way that folks want to stop and stay awhile? I would love to hear feedback!

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  1. If you want people to come to your blog -- do crafts. ;) Really. lol.