Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sweet Memories

N. is away for the week at J.'s, so Mom and I are having girl time all to ourselves. I set aside all dieting rules today and we had a blast... I'm surprised I don't have a stomachache from all the goodies I ate! We made coffee in the French press and poured it into huge mugs from Valentine's day. 

(Proof! Tolkien would be proud - lol)

Mom pulled out the Keebler cookies, double-stuffed fudge and chocolate covered graham crackers. If that wasn't bad enough... she had gigantic marshmallows to boot!

We did a little creative brainstorming and decided to toast them in the toaster oven until perfect golden done-ness (I was all for making a mini fire in the kitchen, but Mom said no...).

Purely delicious. This was not a dessert for campfire vagabonds, nor the fainthearted. It was a masterpiece of golden chocolate marshmallowy goodness that cannot be forgotten. It was a success, and a lovely memory... One I hope we will repeat again. Often. Those things were good!


  1. Yum! Don't you know you can roast Marshmellows over a stove burner? yes, even electric ones! Shh! That's a Family secret!

    1. We have a glass-top stove... might get super messy! We used to blow them up in the microwave, but we got rid of ours a few months ago and just use a toaster oven now. It did a lovely job, too!