Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day (Part 2)

Outside of the wonderful package surprise this morning, the whole day was awesome. Daddy gave us chocolate and Mom had pretty cards and trail mix. Seriously, N. and I have it so rough being single... :)

Mom, Dad, and I went to Menard's because these were on sale:

(They are really that good!!)

Then, because it was wonderful day and nothing could go wrong, we found these granola bars that we fell in love with at Christmas. Santa got them for us, and after we raved about them, were unable to find again.

We also found green chili enchilada sauce for fifty cents a can. That stuff is hard to find too, and when you live over an hour from any large stores, you learn to stock up. When we got to the checkout, we had 20 cans of enchilada sauce, 12 bags of chips, and 24 boxes of granola bars. Our skinny young cashier gave us a strange look as we came up with two carts carrying our load. My mom simply looked at him and said, "We have strange parties." 

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