Friday, February 1, 2013

Never Too Cheesy For Me

For the record... I love dairy products. Not sure if the feeling is mutual, but I am alright if it's udderly unrequited. Mom told me today, "I never liked sour cream until I met you." That stuff is pure joy. I put it on pretty much everything. I used to think it was the grossest thing on the planet - I mean, you get food with this blob of cold whipped white stuff that looks like Cool Whip and it seems disappointing. But then I realized that every time I ate something like a casserole or a cream sauce, if it was amazing, it usually had sour cream in it. And that's when I realized the secret of sour cream... it has to be mixed in to love the pure yummyness. So now, when I get that blob of deceptive Cool Whip look-a-like on my food, I proceed to mix, smear, and slather it on everything on the plate. Good times. 

We are having a ladies breakfast in the morning, and I pre-mixed some "crack" potatoes (I didn't name them, and that is what they are called if you Google the recipe. I totally don't endorse real crack. But these potatoes are pretty addicting, so if you find yourself eating a whole pan... seek help). You can find the recipe at The Blonde Can Cook.

My cheese wanted to crumble instead of shred, so I made a huge mess. Then, I proceeded to dump the package of onion soup mix into the cream of chicken... I mean, I just threw the whole envelope of onion soup, plop, into my bowl. Mom told me that the recipe says to mix it all together, but it never says to take it out of the package! My hand/eye cooperation was a little off tonight. :)

P.S. When Mom said, "when she met me" that was figurative. We met the day I was born, and we learn new things about each other every day. It's never boring! She is my real mom, very much so... I would have never been this brilliant or funny without her genes!

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