Saturday, March 16, 2013

Clothes, Jewelry, Coffee, and Sore Feet

I actually have access to a computer today, yay! J. and I got up and made pancakes for breakfast, then headed out for a day in town. A. took the car to go fishing, so we put on our jackets and snowboots and traveled the old fashioned two-legged way. So, in a way, we got a 5K in as well. :)
J. took me to the coolest little thrift shop called Five Loaves - you pay a dollar, get a bag, and you leave with whatever you can fit into it! I found some great shirts for me, a few things for Mom and Nikki (you guys can anticipate what I'm going to bring you, lol). I also found an adorable courdroy skirt and a beautiful knit long sweater.
After that, we headed over to Jet's coffee shop and took a little break. Split a warm cinnamon roll... Yum!
I had an iced Irish mint latte with green whipped cream. We sat on the couch and rested our legs and chatted for over an hour. I thought this pink book was cute!
There was a jewelry sale inside the shop that was donating proceeds to an MS fundrasier. J. and I both bought a set, I chose the pearl strand, and she picked out the cute purple multi-strand. We trudged back home carrying our wares, then we had lunch and took a siesta. Now we're getting ready to make fried chicken for supper, and when A. gets back we're going to run to Wal-Mart. Having fun! 

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  1. Looks fun! Can't wait to see what you got me. ;) Can you ask J to send me the pic we took at Jets?? It's not near as cute as yours!!