Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring, Salad, and Simply Silly

It was fifty-five degrees today! It was wonderful!! We celebrated by having salad for dinner. I love dressing up salad with chicken, peanuts, croutons, cheese, seeds, etc. Had there not been a breeze outside, I probably would have made everybody eat outside. :) 

(Our thermometer is always 7 degrees off)

Lily decided that it was a good idea to find a stick and lay in the sun:

I'm not sure whether to admit this or not, but last night I realized that my pillowcase was downstairs in the wash, and I didn't have another in my room. It was late and I didn't want to go digging in the linen closet, but it is basically a cardinal rule to never sleep on an uncovered pillow. What I did next will probably not make my mother proud, but it was the only logical solution after ruling out the other options:

Yes, that is a shirt. I even turned it inside out so that I didn't risk getting anything on the "good" side of the shirt. The stain on the pillow is dirt, by the way... That's what happens when you take a pillow on a three week car trip and it gets caught in the door. I would get a new pillow, except I've finally gotten this one "broken in". 

What are some crazy non-conventional ideas that you've seen or come up with? Have you seen this way of making pasta? I think it's actually pretty brilliant!

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