Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Open Your Eyes

If a heart is breaking in a crowd 

Does anybody know it? 

If a tear falls to the ground 

Has anyone seen it? 

If a soul is reaching out to you 

Can you feel it? 

Every moment there is one 

Whose heart is breaking 

Whose tear is falling 

Whose soul is reaching 

And nothing happens… 

Open your eyes.

~ Toni Derouin

I think, so often, we see the over-arching needs of our own lives, our own heartbreaks, our own questions, that we forget to look around and see the other people who are in need themselves. How often have we seen someone that we know is in pain or in need of guidance and we turn our backs, telling ourselves that someone else will help them, and we simply have just too much on our plates right now. Your plate will always be full... of sickness, business, family. But reaching out to help someone else is what makes our lives full. Full of joy. Full of happiness. Full of giving. 

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