Saturday, March 9, 2013

Shamwalk FINISHED!!

Second 5K down! This time we had the little girls, so J. ran with S. and I walk/jogged with H. My goal was to shave time off my 53:07 from the Frigid 5K two weeks ago - I don't have my time yet for this race, but I know I moved a lot faster! I even found a burst of energy to sprint to the finish line.

Our lovely registration ladies

Number 227!

These sweeties couldn't understand why everyone 
was running by their house!

Lizzy holding a direction sign

Walking in the big woods - 
It's actually a little creepy...

One mile to go! 

Mom made us all proud - 
third place in her age division!

This woman, Janelle, after being told she 
would never walk again, finished the 5K while the 
rest of us cheered her on... It was so inspiring!

We all had a great morning, despite the freezing rain, and when we made it home, we celebrated with home-made bacon cheeseburgers. No calorie counting... just delicious protein! Mom said it reminded her of a sign I showed her that said, "Run like there's bacon at the finish line." :)

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