Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Bunch of Crazies

Yes. This is my mother washing chocolate icing off of birthday candles. Because they are still long enough to be used again, and because we can save the world, recycling one birthday candle at a time. I really think it is more a form of therapy - my mother finds peace in trifling with minor details. Whenever we have guests, she will always clean something like jar lids or the laundry room, and inevitably our guests will be drawn to see those things... I sometimes wonder if she is a cleaning psychic.

By the way, my dog is also going nuts. She is drawn like a magnet to food, lays around whining at nothing, and she now has a totally absurd obsession with N's Fiskar paper cutter. Every time she sees it, she gets completely excited and all worked up, then when you show it to her she paws at the runner and tries to chew on the corners. When she doesn't get her way, she throws herself dramatically on the furniture, like a Disney princess (typical woman):

I found a list of prompts to help me in my picture taking, and today's was "something you love." It seemed fitting that I take a picture of my chocolate cake - I only have one piece left:

After that, I fear I might go crazy too...

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