Friday, January 4, 2013

Tidy Up


I am half ashamed to show you this picture. I even removed all the laundry so that it wouldn't look so bad! However, I am going to use my public humiliation as motivation to take a much improved "after" picture. I did actually put away all the laundry, about three loads - I have no problem in washing it, I simply hate taking the time to put it all away, knowing that I am going to pull it out and start the cycle all over again. Very bachelor, I admit, it is a terrible habit. I have a mushroom chair that becomes the catch all between the clean/dirty stage. About once a month, I am stricken with a guilty conscience that says I will be a horrible wife and mother if I don't learn to clean up, and that's when I fold my laundry and pick up my things. 

This time I'm doing a little rearranging, so hopefully I can keep my things in better order. 

I found some bubble wrap today - man, I love that stuff! You can see a picture I posted of it here for my daily photo.

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