Saturday, January 19, 2013

Skonewood Family Retreat

We had a church retreat at the Skonewood family camp today. J. & A. came up, and some of the guys were out on the lake ice fishing while the women chatted in the lodge. J. & I put on our ice skates and skated out to see what the guys had caught, and we got more of a workout than we bargained for. There were about two inches of snow on the lake, and pushing through it was a little tricky! I had on hockey skates, which helped some, but I got over confident and too speedy, then *whoosh* I found myself sprawling on the ice. We skated until our legs were about to buckle, then we had to put our boots on and trudge back up the hill. I thought my legs were going to fall off, and that I couldn't possibly be in pain, when *whoosh* my feet slipped on the path and I found my nose about an inch from the ground. I am so thankful I didn't hit my face, but it bruised my already sore wrist (from the wall smashing incident). 

(A picture of a picture inside the lodge)

Back at the lodge, we drank hot cocoa and ate a lovely lunch, then E. gave a devotional and we sang. I watched a game of cribbage afterward, then convinced J. that she should go for a walk with me while I took photos for my +G+ 365 Project. I have no idea what happened to the weather since the time before lunch to the time after lunch, but by the time we got outside the wind was blowing, the snow looked like a sandstorm, and I took two pictures and decided that was enough of a walk. One of them was of the campground chapel (shown at the top). J. & A. had considered getting married there, until we realized that there are only about four pews inside, and no heating for a January 28th wedding...

I was so exhausted by the time we got back home, I made chicken noodle soup for supper, and we had vanilla biscotti coffee to warm us up. I think I have become dependent on our french press... now all other coffee seems blah, and I have a headache when I don't get my daily cup! The blue mug in the picture is just the right amount, and with whipped milk and just a little sugar, I feel like life must go on. :)

Until tomorrow!

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