Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake - In 15 Minutes!

So, Mom went on her little birthday vacation, and since she didn't want us to feel left out, she came home with all sorts of goodies. She said she and Dad were throwing themselves a 31 year anniversary shower, and they came home with a new dish rack, frying pan set, and potato peeler (my beloved white one fell apart... I will miss you, my culinary companion). She also brought back fun things, like this French press!

We are new to this whole press thing, so we made it way too weak, but it was still good, and any excuse to have Reddi Wip is a good excuse! Anybody out there have any advice about the perfect amount/process to making delicious fresh nectar of coffee beans?

Another fun gift she brought us was a mini bunt cake maker that makes piping hot cake in 15 minutes... I should not be left unattended with this thing, or I will make cake all day!

(The magical cake making machine)

(Delicious results)

(And the  pièce de résistance)

After texting my awesome friend Rea about our new cake making wonder, she cracked me up with this reply:
Go insane, go insane,
throw some batter,
make some cake!

I certainly will, Rea, I certainly will...


  1. Reagan is the best!! :)

  2. Try and look for press pot guide. He's a bean snob but great directions on how the press actually works!