Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's No Laughing Matter, Mr. Spock

As an INTJ, we get compared to that most worthy of Vulcans, Mr. Spock. It's an honor really. Some people think this means we are cold and dull, lacking the ability to laugh, but this is far from the truth. Allow me to share with you a taste of Vulcan humor, to prove that rational beings can have fun too:

We find humor in the truly funny, the jokes that make sense and have (for us) a logically humorous meaning.

Play on words is one of the NT's delights... we are masters of the pun, creative with double meanings, and find delight in well phrased ambiguity.

Remember, you can always laugh with your Vulcan, but don't laugh at your Vulcan... or you'll find yourself in a lot of tribble.

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