Saturday, January 12, 2013

Masque de Corncake

Mom and I made dinner together tonight. She wanted to try cornbread in the new cake-o-matic to see how it turned out. She got a little over zealous while stirring though, and suddenly *slap* she slopped herself with cornbread batter. On her glasses, on her shirt, in her hair... fifteen minutes later I spotted some on the bottom of her chin. Who knows, maybe she was saving it for later!

We made creamy ham and broccoli soup - Mom said the dish the ham is in was a "horn of plenty". Don't tell her, but it's a pot lid. :)

The cornbread bunt cake turned out beautifully. It was crispy and perfect, and I totally forgot to take a picture of it! I can, however, confirm that it was delicious, and we ate the whole thing. I had a slice with maple syrup... yum!!

During our cornbread making, I got a little carried away and overly attached to the egg:

He and I became quite good friends... too bad it was very short lived. 

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