Sunday, January 27, 2013

What have you been doing this weekend? I've been doing random stuffs, so I'll share them here. I pulled out the backgammon board tonight and Dad beat me 5:1. Guess I haven't improved much since my 12 year old self last played. But I still like it... I find pleasure in playing obscure games to save them from becoming extinct.

Mom made an afghan (pictured above). I kept her company by sitting next to her on the bed and playing Temple Run, randomly yelling, "No! The monkeys got me!" or "I just smashed my head into a tree." Since she had no idea what I was doing, I think she got a little worried about my mental state. Especially when I asked what would really happen if you slid feet first into a stone wall... Would you really die? Or just get your ankles shoved into your brain?

Saw an idea on Pinterest for corn muffin batter made in the waffle iron with chili on top. We had to try it, so that was lunch on Saturday. It was good! I enjoyed the leftover waffles with syrup, too. Don't tell pancakes, but I love waffles more... 

I was a few weeks late, but I recently joined a group called #2013Project52Books. Every week in 2013 we are supposed to post a picture either of a book, or photo that reminds us of a book we've read. They don't have to be new books, just favorites that you want to share. This week I chose Calico Captive by Elizabeth George Speare, which is one of my really all time favorites. It is one of the reasons I chose to learn French in high school, because much of it is set in Quebec during the Seven Year War. Miriam is kidnapped and taken there to be a servant and learns French from her friend, Hortense. 

Oh, and I'm signing up for a 5K... but more details later. Start your week off with a smile!

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