Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Lucky Day

Why is it my lucky day, you ask? We went to the Panda Inn for lunch - I haven't had Chinese food in a long while, and it was so good! We got four different dishes and sampled each of them, and everybody was stuffed. I was super excited to see an icon from The Blind Banker - a lucky cat figure. When I whispered, "Mom! It's the cat! Like the cat from Sherlock!", the woman behind the counter looked at me curiously. 

(not my photo, taken from BBC Sherlock)

This, however is not why I got so excited about this particular event. After we had been served our food, I began watching the lunch crowd come in and out. Most of them were men in plaid shirts, looking scruffy and hungry... nothing extraordinary. Then he walked in. At first, he looked like the others, except maybe his eyes were a little more blue, and his hair a little more brushed. I watched him standing in line with a friend, and that's when I saw him smile. That smile deserves it's own font... but I can't find one that fits well enough. He smiled very much like this:

Now, this is a picture of Chris Hemsworth (aka, Thor), because I couldn't exactly get a picture of the stranger. I was doing my best to pick my jaw up and not stare. You probably think I'm insane, but when I was trying to describe the essence of the smile to Mom, all I could come up with was that it was "like sunshine on small flowers." Now that I have confirmed that I am just human, and ridiculously female at that... To the stranger at the Panda Inn, thank you. Thank you for lighting up my day with a smile that wasn't even intended for me. I hope maybe our paths will cross again. I'd like to know your name. 

This was inside my fortune cookie:

So, maybe my plan to build heated pond structures filled with algae to feed the few ducks that didn't go down south for the winter isn't such a crazy idea after all? No crazier than watching a guy at a Chinese restaurant, then blogging about it?

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