Friday, January 18, 2013

Is It Scrumptiously Crunchable?

Maybe it's a little strange to quote Gollum. But, I'm a little strange, and it is always the first thought that pops into my head when I try a new food, "Is it nice? Is it juicy? Is it scrumptiously crunchable?" I need to get out more.

The contraption above, my friends, is a Sharper Image Super Wave Oven, and it cooks food using convection and infrared technology to make food crispy without having to fry it in oil. It also cooks much faster than the usual method. We tested ours out on breaded chicken and potato wedges.

Instead of using plain ole breadcrumbs to batter the chicken, Mom used stuffing crumbs, and it was delicious! And yes, we did bleach down the counter top after having raw chicken on it, for all you germaphobe fanatics (looking at you, N!). Personally, I'd rather brave chicken slime salmonella than toddler snot, but that's another subject... they're all icky.

The oven itself reminds me of a test container for radioactive substances - when you put the lid on, the handle goes down and seals it shut, then turns on the light. You aren't supposed to stare at the light, and once  you start the cooking timer, there's no going back. I sort of wondered if we were creating some sort of Marvel-worthy mutant chicken, but no such luck. I was really hoping for a chance to put on my cape. 

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  1. I WAS TOTALLY FREAKED OUT BY THE CHICKEN!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU TWO!?!? Ha, I loved that you thought of me in your parenthetical conversations. lol.
    And this was the best and most funny post yet! ;)