Saturday, January 26, 2013


Decided I'd do another game review to round out my lazy Saturday. I have been playing Temple Run for most of it, and thought I'd share the love. If you are into high-adrenaline, fast paced action games that will siphon all your spare time... welcome to the club. :)

Imangi Studios

The first one I got hooked onto was the original Temple Run. Basically, you are running for your life, being chased by demon monkeys. By swiping up, down, left, and right, you jump tree roots and run along a labyrinth of walkways collecting coins and trying not to trip... the demon monkeys show no mercy. 

Imangi Studios

Very recently, the brilliant creators of the original released Temple Run II, now including swinging from ropes and careening through a mountain in a coal cart (I haven't reached this point yet). This time, however, instead of being chased my multiple demon monkeys, you are being haunted by a huge, enormous Demon Monkey that is taller than you, and if he gets too close, blocks the view. 

Alper Sarikaya

Along the same lines, but set in a more futuristic world, is Gravity Project. I think I might even like this slightly more than Temple Run, because instead of having to physically turn the screen, you simply swipe your finger and you can change the entire gravity, walking on the walls, sliding under doors, kicking bombs, and gathering time chips. Stub your toe on one of the yellow bars, and you are dead... sometimes when I stub my toe, I wish I was dead, so I really related to that aspect. 

All of these can be found in the Google Play store, or follow these links:

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