Sunday, January 20, 2013

Slow Day...

Today was just a lazy day. We had the little girls with us until 7:30 tonight, and everybody was basically exhausted. We all took a nap after lunch, then S. helped me make dinner. I'm not usually very patient with people being in the kitchen while I cook, but she gets so excited that I can't say no. We went "shopping" in the basement pantry for the spaghetti, bread, and veggies. I gave S. a grocery bag and filled it to the brim... there was a special today, and all the groceries were free! What a deal. :)

After dinner, I wanted to show S. how our bunt-baker worked, so we made a lemon poppyseed cake, and she helped me make a powder sugar glaze. Dad, N., & H. were all playing cribbage, so S. took them all a piece and we sat and enjoyed the yummy warm cake. H. is still new to cribbage, so she called on my consulting services. It got a little hectic, mixing cake, counting points, and clearing up spaghetti (why must the sauce get everywhere?). 

My favorite part of the evening though, was S.'s anticipation waiting for the cake to be done. I set the timer on my cell phone and put her in charge of holding it - thus eliminating the, "Is it done yet?!" scenario. She danced around the kitchen, counting down the seconds... 

Kids. Gotta love 'em!

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